Black Milk is a press and public relations agency created in 2007 in Paris by Jacques Benayoun specialized in Lifestyle, Outdoor, Sports, Fashion, High-Tech and Durability.

A perfect knowledge of French medias, trendsetters and Key opinion leaders.

25 years of relationships with journalists, 10 years with influencers.

They are our partners, we pay close attention to them and we meet their needs. We share opinions and point of views.

We develop real human relationships with medias and influencers, we know each other.

PR are to communication what milk is to nutrition!


A Brand needs PR to develop as much as a child needs milk for a healthy growth.

We consider press relations to be unavoidable in a global communication strategy.


Black Milk was meant to revolutionize the world of PR.

We think outside the boxe
PR are too often treated classically. We want to give PR its soul back, with a strong and atypical character. We break the basic media / pr relations through our energy, dynamism and convictions. We shock if necessary. We go beyond the conventions and prejudices of our profession. We listen to the journalists and our speech is not only client & product oriented. We are their key interlocutors because we are experts and we put forward relevant topics We value qualitative results so we communicate to our network precisely. We work on specific lists because not all medias nor journalists should be approach the same way or given the same informations.


What defines us?
  • Proximity
  • Humanity
  • Creativity
  • Professionalism
  • Exchange and sharing
... & our clients values?
  • Authenticity
  • Quality
  • Originality
  • know-how
  • Trust